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Medi-Cal is California's Medicaid program. This is a public health insurance program which provides needed health care services for low-income individuals including families with children, seniors, persons with disabilities, foster care, pregnant women, and low income people with specific diseases such as tuberculosis, breast cancer or HIV/AIDS.  Medi-Cal is financed equally by the State and federal government.

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Think Together

THINK Together’s daily middle school program consists of academic and enrichment elements and a healthy living component that includes physical fitness, character education and nutrition education.

The program is open to 6th through 8th grade students from the time the school day ends to 6 pm (approximately 20-22 hours a week). Students receive a healthy snack before participating in a rotation of structured activities. We use strategies rooted in the core elementary school curricula but augmented with more choice and enrichment activities.

The resulting program has a “club” feeling that is engaging to young adolescents while still boosting academic achievement.  THINK Together staff emphasize the three Rs of Afterschool:  Relationships, Relevance, and Rigor by embedding them into club activities.  Middle school students work more effectively in small groups if they can see the connection between the activity and the real world that they live in, and if the activities are challenging enough to reduce boredom and easy enough to develop a sense of self-efficacy.

Site Coordinator:  Amanda Pentecost, 562.392.2860